21 March 2021

Digital Marketing Strategies You Need To Know To Attract And Retain More Customers

Digital marketing is vital in today’s time, so it is important to strategize different marketing tactics that will increase exposure of your brand and products or services. There are various different strategies to keep in mind, and while businesses don’t need to utilize them all, the more your business can strategize the more channels there are of new customers seeing your business and what it has to offer. Today let’s take a look at 5 different marketing strategies.



Branding is what customers will remember your business by. There are different factors that go into branding such as the business name and tagline, visual identity, story, and positioning. The brand name should at least somewhat relate to the niche of products or services that your business has to offer, with the tagline providing some additional context or slogan for your business. The visual identity includes the logo, color palette, and typography. These three go hand in hand to deliver a visual that customers will be sure to remember, and should also include colors that are appropriate for the niche of your business. The brand story gives consumers a backstory to your business and provides them key information about your mission and what your business is looking to achieve. Lastly, the positioning has to do with the strategy and differentiation of your business and its products or services. These aspects of branding are incredibly important to ensure awareness and interest in your business.



Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a marketing strategy centered around changing the copy and meta data of your website so that it ranks higher in searches and leads to more organic traffic. To do this your entire website needs to be revised to rewrite the copy to get certain pages to rank higher for keyword searches on search engines, as well as rewrite the meta data. Organic traffic is a great way to get new customers without spending money on advertising.



Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, is a marketing strategy in which businesses pay a fee each time one of their ads are clicked. The creation of ad sets are extremely important when it comes to PPC strategy. When creating PPC ads it is important to optimize the creatives and copy. The creatives should be eye catching and relay useful information about your brand or the products and services that are offered. The ads should be eye catching but as truthful as possible. Trying to create an ad that is only eye catching without creating intent is very harmful to PPC strategies since eye catching ads will lead to many clicks which cost money, but if not intent is created then there will be no conversions; just an increase of clicks and overall cost. The copy should also inform potential consumers about your brand or the specific product or service being advertised. Search engines use the copy, keywords, and descriptions of ads to show them to the right consumers at the right time so it is important to try and optimize the ad sets as much as possible.

Social Media


There are two types of social media marketing strategies; content creation and paid social ads. Content creation gives audiences more information about your business, and content that will pique the interest of potential customers. This is a great way to build a loyal follower base of your brand. Paid social ads is similar to PPC in that ad sets are created to show audiences as they browse social media channels. They differ from PPC in that businesses pay a fee every time a person browses the social media site and comes across your ad, rather than paying a fee when a consumer physically clicks on an ad. Paid social ads is a great way to increase brand awareness and website traffic.

Email Marketing


Email marketing is also an extremely important marketing strategy. It is a great way to communicate with interested consumers, qualified leads, and past customers. Many times interested consumers sign up for newsletters from businesses they want to hear from. This provides businesses with a channel to give those interested consumers info about future products and promotions that may entice those consumers to purchase from that business. Qualified leads can be acquired by targeted email blasts or from abandoned cart information if a business sells their products through an online shop. Qualified leads and past customers are interested in the products of a business, and email gives businesses that channel to send discount codes, upcoming events, sales, and more.

These are a few marketing strategies that businesses should look to implement to increase their brand awareness and sales. While it may be time consuming and costly when first figuring it all out, it is most definitely worth it when done correctly.