23 March 2021

How Maintenance Services Improve The Quality Of Your Products

A common misconception many product managers at non-technology companies have is believing the go-live day of their product (the actual release) into the market is the end of product development roadmap. In reality; it’s usually the start of a continuous maintenance and upgrade cycle. Once a product is released, managers need to have a plan on how to incorporate the feedback that they have received into the next version of the product to improve usability, user-friendliness, features, and overall value.

Product Feedback


Once a product goes live, managers need to listen to the feedback they receive about the product. This includes both positive and negative feedback. The positive feedback they receive will let managers know which features customers enjoy about the product, so product managers can be sure to keep those features. The negative feedback received will let managers know which features customers do not enjoy, so that those features can be changed, updated, or removed completely depending on the feature.

Feature & User Upgrades


Once managers have taken into account the feedback they have received about the product, it is time to make revisions to the product for an updated version release. These upgrades can be for both product features and usability. Product features upgrades will change some of the ways the features of the product itself work, such as changing the parts or functions of the product. On the other hand, user upgrades change the user experience of the product by making it easier and more appealing to use. This includes changing the design and ease of using the product.

Keeping The Product Original

While many changes can be made to make the product better, it is still important to keep the product vison relatively the same. The product was created as a solution to a problem and that problem should still be the main focus of your product. Although some customers may want a certain product change that other brands with a similar product have, it is not wise to simply try and imitate the features of another brand product. It is important to stay original and have new features that other products do not, which is what makes brands different from the rest. Utilizing these maintenance practices will help make your products better than they already are and will keep your customers happy! Don’t let your investment fall into inaction! Product maintenance is our specialty, so you don’t have to worry about it