22 March 2021

How Video Marketing Improves Business Performance

Video marketing is just one of the many ways to gain brand awareness and interest in your products/services. Video marketing is an extensive process to get right; it requires you to think of great content for your videos, topic research, script writing, editing, and more. The other option is to outsource the videos which means taking away from your budget. Is it worth doing all of that for video marketing purposes? Well, there’s a reason so many businesses do utilize video for their marketing, so the answer is yes. Video marketing is actually one of the most affected forms of advertising.

Video Grabs Attention


For the most part, audiences are more interested in watching videos than reading content. Think about yourself for example, would you rather read a three-page document about a subject or watch a five-minute video that summarizes that information from someone who understands the subject better than you and explains it concisely. Videos are also very eye catching and can grab the attention of an audience quickly. This is why the script and layout of the video is so important. It is the difference between making a good video that relays great information and stays in the minds of your audience or is a messy video that has no structure and falls apart.

Video Expands Social Presences


Video is such a shareable form of content, that’s why a platform like YouTube has been so successful. We are at an age where online content is vital for businesses to gain traffic. Having social media content helps expand brand awareness and creates loyalty amongst your brand and your audience. Loyalty is a key relationship for businesses to create with their audience, think about how radio shows, news networks, and other forms of media have such a strong follower base.
Video is a form of content that can relay a lot of important information in minutes, and that is what helps make it such a shareable form of content. More videos go viral than pictures or written pieces of content. Creating and optimizing the videos for your brand is also extremely important. Entrepreneurs Gary Vaynerchuck describes how at the beginning of all his video content he adds a clicking sound in the intro that is memorable so that the clicking sound will remind all viewers of his brand. Creating video content with

Video Marketing Improves SEO


Video marketing is great for search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. Google does a great job linking relevant content, so posting your video marketing ads on your site can help bring relevant audiences to your website. Video content is also great sources of references for pieces of writing, which increases the number of backlinks your website will receive. Backlinks are one of the most important things when it comes to search engine optimization, so creating valuable video content will benefit your business. The traffic gained from being ranked higher in the search engine’s is another thing that makes video marketing worth the time and money spent on creating the content.
Video marketing is a strong tool for getting your brand’s name out there. Businesses would not spend the time and money required to create video ads if the ROI was low. Here is a video-demo of our core services to showcase how a corporate or commercial video reel for your business can be a game changer! Let’s reshape your success together.

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