19 March 2021

What Is UX / UI Design And Why Are They Important For Your Digital Products

Maybe you’ve heard of UX and UI before, or this could be the first time you read about these terms. One thing is certain, however; if you use the internet often you most likely come across UX and UI on a daily basis. UX stands for User Experience and UI stands for User Interface. These two types of design are very important when it comes to your business websites or applications. Let’s dive deeper into the differences between UX and UI and how they can benefit your business and products.

User Experience (UX)


UX design has to do with the experiences the users of your website or application have when browsing them. UX design is useful for both digital and physical products, as the end goal is for the process the customer goes through when using your online platforms or products to be seamless and enjoyable. For a successful UX design, you need to look at your products from the perspective of a customer to see what changes and processes can be changed to better serve customers. Usability and function are the major key points of UX design, and it is important to also support them with extensive research on how to better serve your audiences.

User Interface (UI)


UI design has to do with the look and feel of your online platforms and products. A successful UI design gives the users an easy to use product that is also appealing to the eyes. The graphics and design of the site or app should be crisp and easy to navigate.

Benefiting Business


The UX and UI designers should work closely together to ensure the code and designs work cohesively. Working together will maximize the user experience, providing elegant and easy to use designs that help shape the customer experience and relationship with your business. First impressions are lasting experiences with people, and that is also true when it comes to businesses and brand experiences. Having a great UX/UI will start the relationship customers have with your business on the right foot which can lead to brand loyalty. These two designs, if implemented correctly, will enhance your products and leave customers wanting more. A great example of a business with amazing UX/UI is Apple, and you can see how great they are doing especially in the mobile sector by having the highest market share.