18 March 2021

Why Having A Rested Brain Leads To Better Creative Ideas

You have multiple projects to work on, an upcoming meeting, coworkers asking for favors, and a family to think about when coming back home. You’re exhausted yet have so many items left on your to-do-list. You relax by staying up late watching your favorite TV show or going out with friends. In turn, you feel even more tired than the previous day and your work starts to become sloppy! How can you expect to put out your best work if your brain is half asleep? Resting allows you to be more creative, reduce your stress levels, and be happier in general.

Be More Creative


With sleep being one less thing on your mind, it frees up your brain to think of more creative and logical ideas and solutions to problems. When you are tired, sometimes all you can think about is sleep and it gets in the way of making logical decisions. It can also affect your motor skills which can affect your work. Rest allows you to brainstorm effectively and ignore any distractions that may come your way.

Reduce Your Stress Levels


Lack of sleep can also induce stress. Being tired adds to the list of things you have to worry about, so being well rested can help calm your mind and reduce your stress levels. Lack of sleep can also make you more forgetful which will also increase your stress. How many times have you tried to remember something and as soon as you stop trying to remember what it was, it comes to you! This is because when you stop trying to remember, your mind relaxes and it becomes easier to remember.

Be Happier


Relaxing and resting your mind will make you happier in general. No more cranky mornings, stressful days, and nights wishing you went to sleep earlier. Resting your mind will do wonders for your mental health and will show throughout your days.
Allowing your brain to rest is a key part of being able to work to your full potential. Of course, this does not mean that you must go to bed every night by 9PM, or that staying up late some nights will be detrimental to your work or health. It means that if you know you have a big meeting the next day, or you’re going to be busy all month working on multiple projects, giving your brain a good amount of rest will benefit you greatly and will show in your work.